How Rubba taught Eraser even not to think in bad works

Хорошайло Лиза.

Хорошайло Лиза. Клуб “TAMRA”.

Khoroshaylo Elizabeth.
Клуб “TAMRA”.
Rubba and Eraser were flying, flying and flying. They got into a very busy street. The two-legged were bustling around, as if somebody was chasing them. It looked like some chaos.

Rubba saw two people doing something with their hands, moving them up, down, aside, and backward. She couldn’t understand what was going on.

 Eraser saw her astonishment, even confusion, and explained, 

  “They are quarrelling about something!” Rubba heard some words, which sounded unpleasant. 

 “They use bad words, it’s not for ladies”, Eraser gave his reasons. Rubba reacted in an unusual way.


“A bad word can work 
Against its inventor, 
Whatever is look, 
It shows the creator. 
It makes boomerang,  
Returns the idea, 
And those, who will bang,  
Will get the insomnia”. 

Eraser said to Rubba, “What horrible words people sometimes use! They call them bad words. Rubba got into a deep thought. She was thinking for some time, then made a conclusion, “It is very bad, because speaking bad words destroys person’s aura. Rubba was amused, because there were no bad words and even bad thoughts on her planet Nibiru. She started moving swirling around, as if propelled herself. They never abused each other, and never quarrelled, because they didn’t have emotions. When she didn’t understand something, her iridescent body started changing colours, sparkling with darker shades.


That was the sign of indication that she didn’t understand something. Eraser was very pleased that Rubba didn’t like bad words, because he himself hated those words. The point was in a problem, which words should be called bad words. Eraser knew some of them.

Rubba proposed to make an experiment. She said, “You say some bad words, and I will react how bad they are!” 
Eraser agreed. He tried to remember at least some bad words, and being embarrassed, he pushed “A nerd, a jerk, a loser, stupid”, he thought very hard, but couldn’t remember more. Rubba didn’t know what he meant, because she knew the other meanings of them. Jerk is twisting, nerd she knew like a computer fan and so on… Eraser remembered that his main task was to erase bad thoughts, if any. And he promised to rubber a bad word if he hears any. Rubba agreed and changed her colour, as if she was very pleased.

The story was retold by Khoroshaylo Elizabeth. 


Here we go!          


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