How Eraser tried to teach Rubba English, Ukraine & Russian

Ilya Solyanik. Клуб “TAMRA”.

Соляник Илья. Клуб "TAMRA".

Соляник Илья. Клуб “TAMRA”.

Eraser didn’t like Rubba’s telepathic communication very much. He wanted her to speak in a traditional way, which could be more acceptable for him and for all who were around. He was trying to persuade her to speak some languages, which a lot of humans spoke. He made the first attempt. He said, “Look, Rubba! People on Earth speak and understand each other by means of pronouncing words they know, and listening to the words, which they say. There are so many things that are alike in any languages. Let’s start.” And he began pronouncing some names, which sounded alike.


English                Ukrainian                           Russian

Lamp                   лампа                               лампа

Table                    табло                                табло

 Sport                    спорт                                спорт

 Address               адреса                             адрес

 Form                    форма                             форма

 Class                    клас                                  класс

 Storm                   шторм                               шторм

Finish                   фініш                                 финиш

Start                     старт                                 старт

Television            телебачення                    телевидение

Telepathic        телепатичний                телепатический    

Fix                       фіксувати                          фиксровать

Problem              проблема                          проблема

Film                     фільм                                фильм

Boxing                 бокс                                   бокс

Plan                     план                                   план

Continent             континент                         континент

Park                     парк                                   парк

Football               футбол                             футбол

Volleyball             волейбол                         волейбол

Basketball            баскетбол                       баскетбол

Tennis                  теніс                                 тенис

Automobile          автомобіль                     автомобиль

Autograph            автограф                        автограф

Sensorи               сенсор                            сенсор

Ethnic                   етнічний                          этничный

Grammar              граматика                      грамматика

Bomb                    бомба                            бомба

Rocket                  ракета                            ракета            

Sputnik                 супутник                         спутник

Сharter                  чартер                           чартер

Eraser could continue, but Rubba said that she would understand if he could tell her the reason of such a phenomenon. Eraser didn’t think a lot, he immediately replied, “It’s the origin, word origin. All languages originated from almost one source, which was added to their native language. Sometimes the pronunciation was different, but those who had good ear for music, could guess. That’s it!” His heads began to swim because of his significance. He was afraid to knot them and stopped thinking too good of himself. Eraser knew that Rubba could read his thoughts, and he shyly glanced at her and smiled.

The story is retold and created by Ilya Solyanik, 13 years old, school 3, year 7.  


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