How Rubba wanted to understand why the Earth is of blue colour

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Белусов Антон. Клуб “TAMRA”.

Anton Belousov
Rubba was asking many times one million Whys, five million Hows, and what not. She was so curious and quick that Eraser could hardly react and answer. Moreover, his three heads were always mixing the definitions, were always trying to find the best reply. That made Rubba wait and waste time. Her mathematical mind and telepathic abilities were mixing information in different languages. She needed more time to think all over. One question was bothering her most of all, and she asked it again and again. What was that? Rubba made her eyes square and… “Why is your planet blue from space?”
The British head shuddered, nodded, ”Yes, it’s blue because of a lot of butterflies. When you have butterflies in the stomach you feel blue, I know” .
The Russian head fell into a deep thought. “No, no”, it shook, “I don’t agree. It’s because of snow. Snow looks blue from above, you know” .
The Ukrainian head didn’t think much, it was sure about the blue colour of the Earth from space. It added, “It may be because of snow, moreover, when it melts, it turns into water, which we have so much in the oceans, seas and rivers. Our Planet looks blue because of the water. The World Ocean is called the Big Blue. Is it clear now.
“I see,” said Rubba telepathically. She was astonished, because her planet Nibiru was called Red. They don’t have any water, and she wanted to feel what water was. 

“What if it’s because of all of these”, her eyes open wide. Three heads came to agreement. Really, the Sun is yellow, Mars is red, but the Earth is blue. Eraser wanted to show his good knowledge, and… He started, “The Earth is neither too hot nor too cold for living things; it is just right for ice, water, vapor, and life to coexist at its surface. As far as astronomers can see, this situation is unique”. 

“Wow!” exclaimed Rubba. But Eraser didn’t pay any attention. He continued, “The Earth looks like a blue marble because white clouds swirl above blue oceans covering nearly three-quarters of its surface.  

Oceans are the largest reservoir of water on Earth, containing 97% of all the water. But it’s just a thin veneer. If we made a cutaway of the Earth above, the depth of the ocean would be a line too thin to see. 

Of the thin veneer, life exists on just 0.003% of the total world water supply. Although 3% of the Earth’s water exists in reservoirs outside of the ocean – in ice, the atmosphere, groundwater, lakes, rivers, and living things – very little of this water is pristine and drinkable. The remainder is too poor in quality or it’s inaccessible, like water locked in polar ice or atmospheric vapor. Water is increasingly unusable because it is polluted”. Rubba was listening to his speech with great attention, her eyes flashing from time to time, as if she was trying to keep everything in her telepathic mind. Of course, that information didn’t belong to him for it was too scientific. He was so carried away by that conversation that forgot Rubba’s request. 

“Each natural reservoir of water on Earth is a temporary way station. Whether water evaporates into thin air – becomes rain and flows downstream – or is diverted by aqueducts, water is on the move. An unimaginably large but fixed number of water molecules roam the world in a perpetual cycle, connecting everyone on Earth. And the main problem arises about whether water is pure enough to use it for humans’ needs or not. They develop new technologies for desalination of the world ocean water. There are some biggest in Arab Emirates, in Britain and the USA. In many countries the problem of pure water is partially solved.

Because the water cycle is far-reaching, many water quality problems need system-wide solutions. Degraded water doesn’t stay put, and water offers itself preferentially to those who live upstream. The distribution of water from place-to-place is changing due to global warming”. 
Rubba stepped aside, and Eraser lost his head! On the ground there were two footsteps turned into water! Rubba transmitted in her telepathic language, “G-l-o-b-a-l w-a-r-m-i-n-g…”Rubba concentrated on the drops of water in the shape of footsteps.

Eraser caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of his eye. “What?” he asked. 

“Look, there’s something worrying inside the water drops. They are tiny specs, a sort of cohort with some slogans. I see they don’t agree with someone. They look like you, but very, very small. They can talk like you, they can walk like you. And they are so angry that water starts boiling.” 


“What are they talking about? Can you understand them?” 
“Sure,” Eraser heard inside him. Rubba was so excited that she forgot to use languages Eraser taught her. She transmitted information telepathically. “They want people stop polluting water. They cannot breathe. The particles of dust hurt them. There are a lot of damage and destruction around. They threaten to spoil water with the help of the army of microbes, dangerous for humans unless people stop polluting and throwing waste and litter in the rivers and seas. 
They demonstrate fearful pictures of future for humanity. They are worried especially by the chemicals leaking from the pipes. It’s illegal. People should follow the laws and act according to the laws. Otherwise people will be fined and get the punishment from the global centre of Green Law. You should arrange the authorities to cope with the situation. They should remember about their descendants, about those tiny worlds that could exist in any space. Everything is closely connected, and produces effect. Nature begins from causes and thence descends to effects.” Rubba looked so clever that Eraser started thinking of himself not so clever. They promised they will help. At that very moment Rubba wanted to start it immediately. She moved her transparent wing forward and it began buzzing.
Then a tiny thin tube started absorbing hazardous particles from the puddle in the shape of a foot. Inside the tube there were very little creatures that absorbed the hazard and turned it into pure water and let it out of the tube. The process was going so fast that Eraser could hardly follow what was going on. Rubba was pleased. She transmitted that those tiny creatures stopped worrying and started shouting, “Look! What is going on? We see the improvement of the situation!” They were happy. So little they needed! Rubba felt satisfaction too, though she did not know the sense of it. The residents of Nibiru do not have any emotions. Don’t they? Eraser was envious of Rubba, because he always wanted to have good helpful friends beside him, and he was watching those tiny creatures doing that great work for Rubba and those microscopic living beings in the water drops, which were caught in a trap, and needed their help. All is well that ends well.

The story was invented and retold by Anton Belousov. 17 years of age, School 35, 11th year at school. He has been learning English at the club “TAMRA” for 10 years. This-s-s s-s-s-t-o-r-y is true. H-i-s-s-s-s-s-s-t-o-r-y!

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